A well-working sewer line, clear of any clogs or obstructions, is necessary for a functioning and effective home plumbing system. When you begin to experience multiple clogs or consistent drain backups, it may be time to call in a professional. These signs, along with a few others, are all indicative of a problem within the sewer line itself. At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we have years of experience problem-solving these types of plumbing issues. Call us today if you notice any of the problems below.

4 Signs You Need Your Home's Sewer Line Cleaned Out

1. Multiple Clogs

Multiple clogs in your home are one of the first signs you may need your sewer line cleaned out. Whether it’s the shower, bathtub, toilet, kitchen sink, or washer, a drain anywhere in your home that becomes clogged often is a sure sign there is a problem. 

2. Offensive Odors

When foul, smelly odors originate from the various drains in your home, and you’ve tried everything to get rid of them, this could be another symptom there’s an obstruction within the sewer line. You can try to pour a few buckets of water down the drain, to see if this moves the obstruction along. Otherwise, you may need to call in a professional to get the drain moving again.

3. Drain Backups

It can be frustrating to stand in a bathtub full of water when taking a shower. Or, when you run the dishwasher, you find water backing up into the kitchen sink. A shower that won’t drain and a kitchen sink that experiences backups are all symptoms of an issue within the sewer line.

4. Pools Of Water in The Yard

While clogs and backups in your home drains are a nuisance, nothing is more aggravating than discovering a yard containing pools of water. This is a major indication of a very serious plumbing issue. The moment you discover spongy grass in your yard, you need to call in a professional before more damage is caused.

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