Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than a clogged kitchen sink, especially when you’re cooking dinner or cleaning up afterward. Perhaps you’ve tried over-the-counter products or DIY solutions to unclog that drain but still, there are little to no results. Understanding what can cause a blocked kitchen drain can help you know if it’s a simple problem or if it requires calling professionals like Curt & Jerry Sewer Service. Keep reading to learn when your home is telling you it’s time for a kitchen drain clean-out.

4 Signs Your Kitchen Drain Needs a Clean-Out

1. Standing Water

When you’re doing the dishes and there’s standing water in the sink as you rinse them, this is a sure sign there’s something obstructing the kitchen drain. Some of the most common offenders are grease, soap, and food build-up. The problem could also be located outside of the home within the underground drain lines. To find out, a sewer camera inspection would need to be performed.

2. Funky Odors

If you start smelling any funky or rancid odors coming from the kitchen sink, then there’s definitely a problem somewhere in those pipes. It’s unlikely this would be due to food or grease build-up. Usually, this is a symptom of a much bigger plumbing problem and it’s important to call a drain cleaning company right away.

3. Gurgling Noises

Gurgling noises can be a sign that there are some issues with air in the drain lines. A clogged line or clogged vent pipe doesn’t allow air to flow freely through the pipes. This causes trapped air or gas bubbles to form within the lines, resulting in a slow, or eventually, clogged drain.

4. Several Clogged Drains

While a blocked kitchen drain may not seem like a big deal, if not handled sooner rather than later, it can cause multiple clogs within your home. If you begin to experience slow drains or hear gurgling sounds in your bathtub and bathroom sink along with similar problems in your kitchen sink, you should call a plumbing or drain expert as soon as possible. 

Professional Drain Services in Greenwood

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