As homes across Fishers rely on pipes and drains that are in working order, so do commercial businesses and facilities. When a commercial drain is congested, it cannot operate properly, causing a delay in production or a complete interruption of services. The next time your commercial drain needs to be cleaned out, call the pros at Curt & Jerry Sewer Service. We unclog and clean out several types of commercial drains, including roof, storm, sewer, and sink drains. Keep reading to learn more.

Professional Drain Cleaning for Commercial Facilities in Fishers

Roof Drains

When your roof drain becomes overrun with water from storms or becomes clogged with leaves, branches, or debris, our qualified technicians can thoroughly clean out the drain, including all connected pipes. We are familiar with commercial roof drains on flat or pitched roofs, and have the equipment necessary to flush them out and restore proper flow once again.

Storm Drains

At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we are well-equipped to tackle any kind of drainage issue caused by bad weather or heavy rains that prevents your storm drain from working. If the drains aren’t cleaned out in time, your business could be affected by water damage, flooding, or sewer back-ups. This is why we get right to work, inspecting all storm drains and drainage lines, and locating and removing the source of the blockage.

Sewer Drains

Many commercial business owners rely on clog-free sewer drains to keep their businesses operating smoothly. Food processing facilities, busy laundromats, or fine dining restaurants can’t function if grease, food particles, or soap is clogging the drain lines. We clean out commercial sewer drains using high-pressure water jetting, and can address other clogged areas with grease trap cleaning or garbage disposal unclogging.

Sink Drains

Before organic matter ever reaches the sewer, debris can get stuck inside your commercial drains. Over time, food, soap, and grease can build up within the sink drain, reducing the flow of water and, ultimately, blocking the sink line. If we can’t readily find the source of the clog, we can perform a sewer camera inspection to discover the problem and then treat it properly for a clog-free sink drain. 

Serving Business Owners in Fishers & Beyond

When experiencing any of these problems, contact Curt & Jerry Sewer Service at (317) 266-0000, or request service online. We gladly serve Fishers, IN, with our specialized sewer and drain services such as septic tank pumping, car wash basin pumping, tub drain unclogging, and more.

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