A backed-up sewer is never a fun experience. Knowing the causes can help you take steps to maintain clear sewer lines, as well as detect an issue before it gets too serious. Since 1946, Curt & Jerry Sewer Service has been diagnosing and cleaning out these messy situations. If you suspect the following issues, give them a call to find out how to restore a clean sewer line.

Causes of a Main Sewer Line Backup

Clogged Pipes

Sewer pipes become clogged due to the daily routines we practice in our homes – taking showers, cooking in the kitchen, and washing the laundry, to name a few. A combination of various cleansers, foods, and household waste can cause a sewer line to clog slowly over time. This eventually results in a massive clog that leaves your main sewer backed up and unable to work properly.

Broken Pipes

Older homes are known for their beautiful architecture and elegant style, but are often fraught with broken or collapsed sewer and water pipes. Cast iron and clay pipes were used to build the sewer system for these older homes. These type of pipes can break down over time due to age and use.

Tree Roots

Whether we can see it or not, tree roots continue to stretch and grow, regardless of what is in their way. The tree doesn’t even have to be in your own yard for it to penetrate your pipes. Tree roots from neighboring yards can slowly creep into your underground sewer system, moving, bending, or even crushing your sewer pipes. Often they grow right through one of the main pipes, leaving a large hole or creating a natural blockage that cannot be moved with human hands.

When experiencing any of the above issues, and do-it-yourself solutions yield no results, it may be time to call our expert team. Contact us at (317) 266-0000 or conveniently request service online. We also offer such services as drain and sink cleaning, septic tank pumping, garbage disposal unclogging, and sewer line diagnosis.