Sludge travels through sewer lines constantly, so you want to make sure that there aren’t any issues or buildups. This is why we suggest routine cleaning with our high pressure hydro jetting service. At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we provide waterjet services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. To get in contact with our experts, call (317) 266-0000 or request service online.

  • Powerfully removes clogs
  • Cleans pipes to help prevent future blockages
  • Includes front and rear jets

Trust the Experts

Due to the frequency that sewer lines are used, it is important that they are regularly cleaned to prevent buildup. Our waterjet service does just that. Curt & Jerry Sewer Service provides a variety of services to the Indianapolis area and beyond, including Carmel, Greenwood, and Fishers.

Additionally, we provide emergency service, sewer cleaning, drain and sink cleaning, septic tank cleaning, car wash basin pumping, lift station pumping, grease trap cleaning, garbage disposal unclogging, sewer camera inspections, tub drain unclogging, toilet drain unclogging, and sewer line diagnosis. To learn more, contact us at (317) 266-0000, or request service online.