It’s early in the morning and you’re taking a shower to get ready for your day. All of a sudden, you notice that you’re ankle deep in standing water. The bathtub drain is clogged again and you have no idea why. The professionals at Curt & Jerry Sewer Service have unclogged thousands of bathtub and kitchen drains in the Indianapolis area since 1946. The cause of this slow drain could be as simple as an annoying buildup, or it could be one of the reasons listed below.

3 Causes of a Slow Bathtub Drain

1. Hair

Hair is the most common reason for a slow bathtub drain, especially if members of your family have long hair. These long strands can become trapped in the pop-up assembly, causing other items such as small pieces of soap to become trapped as well. All of these items working together end up leading to a slow, or eventually, a clogged drain.

2. Venting Issues

Venting is an essential part of your home’s overall sewer drain system. Vent stacks, which typically protrude from the roof of your home, work by drawing air into the drain lines, preventing this vacuum from forming and allowing water to flow freely through the pipes. These pipes can easily become clogged with leaves, small branches, and even bird’s nests. If this happens, it will interrupt the flow of water, causing slow or clogged drains throughout your entire home.

3. Sewer Problems

The sewer system in your home carries sewage and wastewater from your bathroom and kitchen to your septic tank or the city’s sewer system. A number of items can cause problems within the sewer lines, such as tree roots, broken pipes, or sludge buildup. A slow drain can be a sign that these underlying issues are wreaking havoc on your overall sewer system.

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