If you have a septic tank, then you may already be aware of some of the problems associated with a septic system. From roots entering the tank to non-flushable items being sent down the toilet, there are both natural and human factors that cause problems in septic tanks throughout Indianapolis. At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we understand that septic tanks can have multiple issues. Keep reading to learn more about the four most common septic tank problems.

4 Common Septic Tank Problems

1. Roots

Although not visible, tree roots can cause plenty of problems for underground septic tanks. If they grow through the tank walls, not only will they damage the tank, but they’ll also cause outside water to get in and nasty sewage to leak out.

2. Water

When there’s too much water in the septic tank, this can cause a major problem. Solid waste can build up and clog the pipes. This also won’t allow enough time for the sludge and scum to separate and break down as they should. 

3. Non-Flushable Items

While you may try to prevent it, there are times that non-flushable items do end up in the septic system. Whether you have children who like to flush items down the toilet, or non-biodegradable items accidentally find their way in, too many non-flushable items can cause damage to the septic tank and the system itself.

4. Chemicals

Chemicals such as pest control treatments, automotive fluids, and many others often end up in the tank by seeping through the ground and leaking in, or by way of a garage drain or sink. If there are too many of these products in your septic system, they can kill the good bacteria in the tank that is meant to break down the solid waste.

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