In our last blog post, we broke down the top three signs you may notice if your main sewer line is clogged. Another common service we perform in the Indianapolis area is drain cleaning for basic clogs in kitchen and bathroom sinks. Here are some of the top signs your sink needs a drain cleaning from the pros at Curt & Jerry Sewer Service.

Drain Cleaning Services in Indianapolis

1) Slow Drainage

The first sign is one of the most obvious that there’s a clog in your drain. Your sink may be failing to remove waste water efficiently or your washing machine or dishwasher could be still full after the cycle is completed. Both of those instances of slow drainage are signs that a drain cleaning is in order.

2) Water Backup

Thinking your drain is clogged? Keep an eye of your water flow. When you hear sounds of gurgling in the toilets or standing water in your sinks or tubs, then that’s a sign your home needs drain cleaning services.

3) Sewage Smell

An unpleasant sewage smell from your drain shouldn’t be ignored. It’s likely that the drain is clogged and the waste is building up and festering in the lines. In the warmer months of Indianapolis, this smell can become even more severe, so you should get drain cleaning quickly.

4) Fruit and Drain Flies

You may think that those tiny fruit flies are just an annoyance, but in fa,ct their presence could be a sign of a blocked drain. When your drain is clogged with garbage, this scent often attracts flies.

5) Strange Noises

If your drains are blocked, water may be trying to force itself in whatever path it can take. This force of water will often accompany sounds of gurgling or bubbling, so be mindful of strange noises.

Think you have a clogged drain? We can help! Curt & Jerry Sewer Service has been dedicated to serving the Indianapolis area with quality drain cleaning services since 1946. Request service at (317) 266-0000 today!