You have a severely clogged pipe somewhere in your plumbing system, and have tried all the usual methods to fix it: a plunger, multiple drain cleaners, even hours using a plumbing snake. If you find yourself out of options, it may be time for an inspection with a sewer camera. The professional team at Curt and Jerry Sewer Service has been troubleshooting plumbing issues in homes and businesses since 1946. Their sewer camera inspection services can help diagnose and correct your plumbing problems.

How Do Sewer Camera Inspections Fix Plumbing Issues

Locate Sewage & Plumbing Lines

In order to discover where the plumbing issues lie, it’s helpful to know where the underground pipes are located. A camera designed specifically for sewer systems can pinpoint the exact location of your underground pipes.

Find Blockages & Drainage Issues

When a mysterious problem is causing your plumbing system to malfunction, a sewer camera inspection can clearly locate any obstructions in hidden pipes and lines. Whether the lines are not draining properly due to mud, tree roots, sewage, debris, or broken pipes, the sewer camera will easily find the problem so that it can be taken care of immediately.

Determine the Type of Pipes

Owners of older homes and buildings may not know what type of pipes were used to construct their underground plumbing system. A sewer camera inspection is a convenient and inexpensive option for determining if the plumbing system uses PVC, cast iron, or another type of pipe.

Find Problems with Plumbing Connections

A sewer camera can clearly see all connections within your underground sewer system. It can even watch the plumbing process in action: where and how the water runs through the pipes, and how fast or slow the water is traveling.

Detect the Exact Location to Dig

After a sewer camera has found the blockage, broken pipe, or drainage issue, it can also detect the exact place the plumber needs to dig in order to access the pipe(s) in question. Our sewer cameras are equipped with both a transmitter and a locating device which show the operator the exact location to dig.

If you find yourself in the middle of a mysterious plumbing issue, contact our office at (317) 266-0000 or request our services online today. We happily serve the Indianapolis area, including Greenwood, Carmel, and Fishers.