Sewer line issues can cause more than a minor inconvenience. They can lead to major damage, expensive repairs, and non-working toilets, showers, and sinks. No one wants to be without their bathroom for long periods of time. To prevent these types of sewer line problems, Curt & Jerry Sewer Service recommends practicing the four preventative tips listed below.

Avoid Sewer Line Trouble with These 4 Preventative Tips

1. Use Biodegradable Bath Tissue

One of the easiest ways to keep your sewer line clean is to use biodegradable bath tissue. Toilet tissue brands that are biodegradable will have a “septic safe” logo on them. Septic-safe bath tissue dissolves faster and requires less water to break down than other kinds of paper.

2. Set Out Trash Cans

Keep trash cans near toilets and sinks to encourage their use. Items, other than septic-safe toilet tissue, that are placed in your sewer system can cause blockages and eventually result in clogged or inoperable sewer lines.

3. Don’t Ignore Problems

When you notice a problem with your sewer lines like slow-moving drains or water backing up into the bathtub, it’s important to have a professional check it out right away. Oftentimes, it may be a simple fix, especially if you catch it right away. Letting a small problem go can eventually result in a larger, more expensive repair.

4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Avoid placing harsh, abrasive chemicals in drains and sewer lines. Some chemicals can cause damage to plumbing components and others can contaminate your sewer system. Both of these issues often lead to costly repairs. Substances you should completely avoid placing down the drain include paint, gasoline, pesticides, antifreeze, and medications.

Professional Sewer Line Cleaning in Indianapolis

When your sewer lines need to be professionally cleaned, call the team at Curt & Jerry at (317) 266-0000, or request service online. We service both residential buildings and commercial facilities with our drain and sink cleaning, grease trap cleaning, garbage disposal unclogging, and toilet drain unclogging in Indianapolis and all surrounding areas. 

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