Are you having trouble with your commercial sewer line? If so, you may want to schedule a video camera inspection with Curt & Jerry Sewer Service. Before we arrive at your property, you should know exactly what to expect as we perform this important inspection. By following the steps below, we’ll be able to examine and diagnose any issues that may be disrupting your commercial plumbing.

How We Perform Commercial Sewer Camera Inspections

Access Clean-Out Port

The first thing we need to do is gain access to the clean-out port. Most properties have a built-in entrance point that allows plumbing and sewer technicians easy entry into the sewer line. If your property doesn’t have a built-in entry point, we have a simple solution. We dig a small hole near the sewer line and cut another small hole in the pipe, giving us clear access to the sewer line.

Insert Video Camera

Next, we set up the video equipment and insert the camera into the sewer line. The camera is quite small and only needs a minimal amount of space to access the pipe’s interior. It’s connected to a fiber optic cable which sends a live feed to a monitor. We can clearly see everything in the sewer pipe, from your place of business to the city drain or septic tank.

Examine Sewer Line

At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we have trained technicians who perform commercial sewer inspections. They are more than capable of correctly using the camera and also have years of experience knowing what to watch for in regard to blockages, collapsed lines, corroded pipes, offset joints, and root infiltration.

Review the Video

With all of our sewer camera inspections, we record the live feed so we can review the video later in more detail. Once we know what’s actually happening within your sewer line, we can make a service recommendation for your particular issue. For example, if we find a blockage full of food and grease, our high-pressure water jetting service can clear the line and get you back in business.

Commercial Sewer Camera Inspections in Carmel

Take advantage of our expert sewer camera inspection services by calling Curt & Jerry at (317) 266-0000. You can also request service online. We assist restaurants, schools, salons, and several other commercial businesses across the Carmel area with our grease trap cleaning, lift station pumping, and commercial tub and toilet drain unclogging.

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