Are you thinking of getting a low-flow toilet? These energy-saving commodes feature several benefits, but there are a few downsides to owning a low-flow toilet as well. Curt & Jerry Sewer Service has been fixing and unclogging toilets for decades. Keep reading to discover common issues associated with low-flow toilets as well as some amazing advantages of these environmentally-friendly components. 

What to Know About Low-Flow Toilets

What Are Low-Flow Toilets?

Low-flow toilets, also known as low-flush toilets, use less water to operate than their counterparts do. Because they work more efficiently, many homeowners report substantial savings on utility costs. There are two types of low-flow toilets: gravity-flow and pressure-assisted. In gravity-flow toilets, the initial flush pushes waste through the sewer lines, and gravity leads it to the sewer system. Pressure-assisted toilets use a pressure tank and gravity to move contents to the sewer system.

Common Issues with Low-Flow Toilets

While low-flush toilets are eco-friendly and reduce water and energy use, some homeowners have reported some disadvantages:

  • They may be louder than regular toilets due to the pressure-assisted system.
  • Low-flush toilets rely on force or gravity to flush waste down the drain. If the toilet is not working correctly, there’s a higher chance of clogs or blockages within the sewer line.
  • Because they depend on sufficient water pressure, homes with low water pressure may require more toilet flushes, negating the purpose of a low-flush toilet.
  • Plumbing of older homes may not work with low-flow toilets and would require extensive plumbing repairs during installation.

Advantages of Low-Flow Toilets

Just as there are disadvantages to low-flow toilets, there are also some positive reasons to consider installing them in your Carmel home:

  • Low-flow toilets can last up to 30 years.
  • They can increase a home’s resale value.
  • Homeowners typically recover the higher expense of installation the longer they use them.
  • Certain areas offer rebates to homeowners who replace their toilets with a low-flush model.

We Fix Clogs & Blockages in Toilets & Drains

If you have a low-flow toilet or a traditional one that is having any issues, call (317) 266-0000 or request service online today. We serve Carmel and all surrounding communities with our residential and commercial sewer services, including toilet drain unclogging, sewer cleaning, lift station pumping, high-pressure water jetting, and sewer camera inspections.

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