Sewer camera inspections are needed not only when your home is experiencing major sewer problems. When buying a home that is more than 20 years old, sewer inspections can offer valuable information about the condition of the sewer and pipes. Plus, a typical home inspection does not include a sewer inspection. Curt & Jerry Sewer Service recommends scheduling this important procedure before you sign on the dotted line. It could save you both expensive repairs and major renovations in the future.

Why You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection When Buying a Home

Check for Typical Sewer Problems

New homes typically don’t have major sewer issues. An older home – one that is 20 years or older – that has not had a camera inspection within the last decade could have many unknown problems:

  • Tree roots can infiltrate the underground pipes, blocking the flow of water.
  • Broken pipes caused by these tree roots can cause major leaks and potentially flood your lawn or basement.
  • Old pipes that are rusted or corroded can also reduce the amount of water flowing through them.

Conduct a Quick Investigation

While the team at Curt & Jerry’s will conduct a thorough camera inspection, noting any signs of existing sewer issues, you can conduct your own quick investigation as well. 

  • Check the water pressure by turning on all the water faucets and flushing all the toilets at the same time. With unclogged pipes, the sewer system can handle the amount of water going through. If there’s a slow drain or a backup, there’s a possible sewer clog.
  • Check the exterior of the property, where the sewer pipes are located, for any soft or wet spots in the ground. If it hasn’t rained in quite a few days, a wet spot in the yard can mean an underground pipe is leaking.

Schedule a Sewer Inspection Today

Don’t wait any longer to discover the condition of the sewer system in your Fishers area home. Schedule a sewer camera inspection today by calling (317) 266-0000. You can also conveniently request service online. We can take care of any drain and sink cleaning, garbage disposal unclogging, toilet drain unclogging, or emergency plumbing repairs as well.

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