There’s nothing more frustrating than a clogged toilet that won’t budge. Perhaps you’ve tried plunging it, but the plunger is not working. Maybe your plunger broke and you intended to get a new one but just haven’t yet. Either way, the team at Curt & Jerry Sewer Service has three creative ideas for you to try when you find yourself with a clogged toilet and no plunger in sight.

3 Ways to Unclog a Toilet When You Don't Have a Plunger

1. Hot Water

Sometimes you need something that can break up whatever is preventing your toilet from flushing. Hot water is a very useful tool for this type of problem. Fill a pan with hot water and heat it up on the stove. Don’t let it get to a boiling point. You just want it to be very hot. Next, pour it down the toilet and wait a few moments. If you notice the toilet water slowly going down, that means the hot water is doing its job.

2. Dish Soap

Thankfully, dish soap isn’t just for washing dishes. It can also be used as a lubricant for getting your toilet moving again. Grab your dish soap and squeeze about ¼ cup into the bowl. Let it sit for approximately 10 minutes. It will need time to steadily work its way down into the toilet drain. Next, add hot, not boiling, water and let that sit for another five minutes. Between the dish soap and the hot water, you should have an unclogged toilet once again.

3. Baking Soda & Vinegar

If the dish soap and hot water don’t work, you may want to try a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Don’t try this with a full toilet though as this mixture can cause the toilet to overflow. First, pour one cup of baking soda followed by one cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl. When these two elements mix together, they will cause a chemical reaction that will bubble up and hopefully loosen your clogged toilet. Wait about 30 minutes and then pour a generous amount of hot water down the toilet drain. You can try this entire process one more time if the stubborn clog remains.

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