Do you find yourself having to plunge your toilet more often than usual? If so, you could have a serious blockage within your toilet or your septic system. The experts at Curt & Jerry’s Sewer Service often take care of clogged toilets. In the article below, we’d like to offer some guidance on the various reasons your toilets may be clogged, along with a few practical tips on how to avoid or fix the problem.

5 Causes of a Clogged Toilet (Part 1)

1. Flushing Objects Other Than Toilet Paper

One of the most obvious reasons a toilet becomes clogged is having objects other than toilet paper and waste thrown into the toilet. For those who have young children, you probably have first-hand experience with this. Small toys, unwanted food, and many other objects can cause serious blockages within your septic system

2. Low-Flow Toilet

A low-flow toilet is designed to use less water to conserve water use. While this is great for your budget and for the environment, it’s not always great for preventing major clogs in your toilet. Two ways to combat this are to flush twice if needed, and to stay away from ultra-style toilet papers as they tend to absorb more water than regular ones.

3. Blocked Toilet Trap

The toilet trap is the curved channel inside the base of the toilet. It leads from the hole at the bottom of the bowl all the way to the drain pipe. Usually, when a toilet becomes clogged, it does so right at the toilet trap. This is typically where a plunger comes in handy. Used correctly, it can loosen that clog and keep your toilet working at full efficiency.

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