One of the cornerstones of running a successful commercial kitchen is to create a safe and healthy environment for your employees and customers, as well as the food that will be consumed. As you maintain your kitchen and all of the equipment inside, don’t overlook your grease trap. Fortunately, Curt & Jerry Sewer Service offers grease trap pumping and cleaning to help you prevent any costly backups, repairs, and safety risks that could jeopardize your business. Now, let’s explore four health and safety risks associated with neglecting to clean your grease trap.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

1. Air Quality Decline

A dirty grease trap can release foul odors into your kitchen and infiltrate your dining area. This would not make for a pleasant dining experience or working environment. The fats, oils, and grease inside could also release toxins into the air that will diminish your air quality and even result in respiratory risks to anyone nearby.

2. Pest Infestation Risk

If you let the accumulated grease and food particles sit in the trap and delay cleaning them out, you could attract pests to your kitchen. For example, an infestation of rodents or cockroaches could contaminate your food surfaces and result in costly health code violations. 

3. Plumbing Issues & Overflows

You may not realize that if you don’t properly take care of your grease trap, you actually risk blockages in your plumbing system. These blockages could lead to sewer backups and raw sewage overflowing your kitchen. You don’t want to let your kitchen become vulnerable to any harmful bacteria.

4. Fire Hazards 

Since grease is highly flammable, any excess accumulation could increase your risk of a kitchen fire. Regular cleaning of your grease trap will help you avoid this risk. Not to mention, non-compliance with fire safety regulations, such as grease trap maintenance, could leave you with costly penalties and increased insurance premiums.

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