5 Benefits of Sewer Cleaning for Commercial Properties

There’s a lot more to maintaining a successful business than simply managing customers and getting the work completed. Business owners must consider all the components of their commercial space that can bring operations to a halt if something goes awry. One often overlooked item is the health of the sewer system, which contributes to a business’s overall efficiency, safety, and reputation. Curt & Jerry Sewer Service is the go-to plumbing service provider for residential and commercial customers around Indianapolis, and we’ll explore the importance of regular sewer cleaning for commercial properties in this article. 

4 Health and Safety Risks of a Dirty Grease Trap

One of the cornerstones of running a successful commercial kitchen is to create a safe and healthy environment for your employees and customers, as well as the food that will be consumed. As you maintain your kitchen and all of the equipment inside, don’t overlook your grease trap. Fortunately, Curt & Jerry Sewer Service offers grease trap pumping and cleaning to help you prevent any costly backups, repairs, and safety risks that could jeopardize your business. Now, let’s explore four health and safety risks associated with neglecting to clean your grease trap.

Don’t Miss These 5 Signs That Your Sewer Line Needs Cleaning

Your sewer line has an important job of carrying wastewater away from your home. We tend to take for granted that they will always be able to perform their job without any issues, which could quickly escalate to the need for a costly repair. At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, our professional plumbers have the experience and expertise to completely cut away any blockages you may have if you find yourself faced with any repugnant problems. Let’s discuss five unmistakable signs that a sewer line cleaning is in order at your home.

Bathroom Drain Maintenance: How to Prevent Clogs

The key to a seamless daily routine is a completely functional bathroom. After all, there aren’t many circumstances more disruptive to your day than a clogged tub, toilet, or sink. At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we understand that these are urgent matters and will go down the drain when you face a clog. Let’s go over some helpful tips to prevent common clogs and keep all your drains flowing freely.

Drain Disaster: Avoid These 4 Mistakes That Could Clog Drains

Although no one ever wants to deal with a clogged drain, they always seem to come at the worst possible time. When you have a clogged drain, whether it’s your sink, bathtub, or toilet, that is an urgent plumbing issue that must be addressed immediately. At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we have seen homeowners unknowingly contribute to this major inconvenience. Let’s look at four common mistakes you should avoid that could lead to a clogged drain in the future.

Sewer Line Diagnosis: 4 Common Issues You Might Face

Underneath the surface of your home is a network of pipes that serve the important purpose of transporting wastewater out of sight and out of mind. However, any issues that plague your sewer line can quickly bring your plumbing system to the forefront of your mind and senses. At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we can diagnose your sewer line issue before it leads to a drastic problem, such as backing up sewage into your basement. Let’s take a look at four common sewer line issues we see that might be the cause of your problem as well.

Safety First: 3 Signs Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaned

Managing your commercial kitchen has as much to do with safety as it does preparing food. You don’t want to create a safety hazard along with a myriad of other issues by failing to follow proper cleaning protocol for your grease trap. Let Curt & Jerry Sewer Service help keep your kitchen safe with our grease trap pumping and cleaning service. In this article, we’ll explore three signs that your commercial grease trap may need to be cleaned.

Prevent Frozen Sewer Line This Winter With These 4 Tips

A winter wonderland outside your window may be picturesque and serene, but it can quickly lead to a nightmare in the form of a frozen sewer line. This phenomenon can wreak havoc on your home and property, especially if the line bursts. Curt & Jerry Sewer Service can find issues and resolve them, but preventing them in the first place is always the best way to go. Follow along for four tips on how you can prevent a frozen sewer line this winter.

Avoid a Plumbing Disaster with Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one task you don’t want to neglect, as it could lead to dire consequences. This is a maintenance item that homeowners often overlook until they start to have a problem. Detergents, grease, soaps, and other household items can start to build up in your pipes over time, causing your sink to not drain properly. Learn how Curt & Jerry Sewer Service can help you avoid a plumbing disaster with our sink and drain cleaning services. 

Your First Line of Defense against Sewer Line Problems

A simple sewer cleaning can unfortunately sometimes end up being a larger issue than originally anticipated. Sewer line problems can be costly and damaging, and not something that you want to face as a homeowner. Curt & Jerry Sewer Service offers sewer camera inspections that will provide you with critical information, uncovering the root of whatever you may be dealing with. We’ll go over some sewer line issues that we have been able to identify through our camera inspections, which demonstrate the value and necessity of this fact-finding service.