Underneath the surface of your home is a network of pipes that serve the important purpose of transporting wastewater out of sight and out of mind. However, any issues that plague your sewer line can quickly bring your plumbing system to the forefront of your mind and senses. At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we can diagnose your sewer line issue before it leads to a drastic problem, such as backing up sewage into your basement. Let’s take a look at four common sewer line issues we see that might be the cause of your problem as well.

Sewer Line

1. Intrusive Tree Roots

One of the most common causes of sewer line issues is the intrusion of tree roots. Tree roots that are seeking water and nutrients can infiltrate your pipes through small cracks and cause a blockage. This is an issue that will require the intervention of a professional.

2. Inadequate Pipe Size

If your pipes are only three inches in diameter, they are too small to effectively carry away all of the wastewater. Small pipes can prevent your sewer line from working efficiently and may even lead to blockages. 

3. Cracked or Collapsed Clay Pipes

Cracked pipes and collapsed clay pipes can interrupt the flow of wastewater and lead to a backup of sewage. The crack could provide an entry point for tree roots to grow through and create an even larger issue and costly repair.

4. Clogged Pipes

The accumulation of debris, such as hair, soap residue, grease, or other foreign substances, can build up in your pipes and result in clogs. These clogs will cause slow drains and even backups until they are released to restore the flow of wastewater.

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Let the experts at Curt & Jerry Sewer Service diagnose your sewer line problem so that we can get things working efficiently again. As a third-generation family-owned business, we are confident in our ability to properly diagnose your sewer problems and even provide a guarantee for our work. Contact us today at (317) 266-0000 or request service online if you need any of our sewer line services, such as sink and drain cleaning, sewer camera inspections, and more. We help residents in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Carmel, Fishers, and the surrounding areas.