Clogged sewer lines seem to be inevitable no matter what you do to avoid them. From food ending up down the kitchen sink to non-flushable items finding their way into the toilets, there are several reasons your pipes can become obstructed. Thankfully, Curt & Jerry Sewer Service can offer four recommendations for preventing these clogged sewer lines in the first place. Keep reading to learn more. 

4 Ways to Prevent Clogged Sewer Lines

1. Use Monthly Drain Cleaners

Monthly drain cleaners are effective at breaking down organic matter that is stuck inside your sewer line. Enzyme cleaners use bacteria for cleaning out the sewer pipe, whereas chemical cleaners use harsh components that work but are not necessarily the best for your septic system. We recommend using enzyme cleaners as these are best for your pipes, your family’s health, and the overall environment.

2. Keep Trees Away from Sewer

Trees and their roots can easily infiltrate sewer lines, especially if they’re planted too close to the septic system. If there are no trees or large bushes installed near the septic area, then your sewer lines will most likely remain safe from lingering roots. But if there are trees planted nearby, keep an eye on the sewer line, as the roots can easily destroy them from underneath the ground.

3. Keep Non-Flushable Items Out of the Toilet

Avoid flushing wipes and hygiene items down the toilet as these can seriously clog your sewer line. The only thing that should go down your toilet drain is human waste and toilet tissue. 

4. Maintain Your Sewer Line Yearly

The best way to prevent clogged sewer lines is through yearly preventative maintenance. A sewer line cleaning won’t simply poke a hole through any blockage, but it will completely clean out the line, allowing human and household waste to freely make its way to the septic tank without any obstructions.

Take Advantage of Our Sewer Cleaning Services

If you need your sewer line cleaned out or would like to schedule a preventative sewer cleaning, call us today at (317) 266-0000 or request service online. We also provide other services throughout the Fishers, IN, area such as car wash basin pumping, grease trap cleaning, tub drain unclogging, toilet drain unclogging, and sewer camera inspections.

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