Clogged toilets that refuse to flush completely can be annoying and frustrating. If you’re using your plunger more often than you’d like, you may need the professional services of Curt & Jerry Sewer Service. Not only do we service clogged or slow-draining toilets, but we are very knowledgeable about what could be causing this specific issue. In the last blog article, we reviewed three reasons your toilet may be clogged. Today, we’ll address two more of those reasons. 

5 Reasons Your Toilet May Be Clogged (Part 2)

4. Main Sewer Line Issues

If you’ve tried using a plunger, flushed twice after every use, and used regular toilet paper, and you’re still experiencing an issue, you may have a problem within the main sewer line itself. The sewer line issue can be caused by one of many problems, such as a broken or bent pipe, a rusted out pipe, an infiltrated tree root, or any other number of issues. The only way to discover the actual problem is to hire a plumbing service like Curt & Jerry. They have the expertise and tools, such as high-tech sewer cameras, to properly diagnose the exact problem.

5. Blocked Plumbing Vent

Plumbing vents are located on the roof of your home and allow gases to escape from your sewer system. By regulating the air pressure within the septic system, gases can escape as needed, and waste and water can flow freely. If these vents become blocked, the drains, including the toilet, will not work properly. You can plunge and flush as much as you’d like, but the blocked plumbing vent will not budge. While you could fix this issue yourself, it is a dangerous repair to undertake as it requires you to climb onto the roof of your home. Call a professional plumber like Curt & Jerry to manage this hazardous repair on your behalf. 

Reliable & Experienced

Look no further than Curt & Jerry Sewer Service for efficient and productive toilet repair. Request service today by calling (317) 266-0000. Along with unclogging toilets, we also provide septic tank pumping, car wash basin pumping, grease trap cleaning, and tub drain unclogging in Indianapolis and all surrounding areas. 

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