Are you experiencing slow drains in your home, perhaps in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room? Do you find yourself using commercial drain cleaners often, or plunging your toilet more than you’d like? It may be time for a sewer camera inspection from Curt & Jerry Sewer Service. A small issue such as a clog can easily become a much larger problem. Don’t wait until it’s too late. With our tried and true sewer camera inspections, we will determine the cause and have your plumbing back to premium condition in no time.

Our Simple & Proven Sewer Camera Inspections

Drain the Sewer Line

We begin troubleshooting your sewer system by completely draining the main sewer line. This first step allows our technicians and our camera a clear view of the entire system. The line is completely cleaned and drained in four easy steps:

  • Locate and open the drain pipe
  • Run the auger completely through the drain
  • Wash out the pipe and auger with a hose
  • Pull the auger out of the drain

Move Camera Through the System

In the next stage, we run the camera throughout the line – from the point where the sewer line begins in the home, to where it either meets the city sewer or the septic tank. Our expert technicians specialize in cleaning and draining sewer lines. They know exactly what to look for and how to efficiently diagnose any issues with your sewer.

Diagnose Any Issues

Once the sewer line is cleaned out and the camera inspection is complete, we can then start diagnosing any problems. There are a multitude of issues that could cause any number of sewer clogs or slow drains, such as:

  • Broken lines
  • Sagging pipes
  • Tree roots
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Off-set lines
  • Misaligned pipes
  • Cracked pipes

At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we offer much more than sewer camera inspections. We also provide septic tank pumping, sewer cleaning, and drain cleaning for the Greenwood, Fishers, Carmel, and entire Indianapolis area. Call our friendly office at (317) 266-0000 to learn more, or request service online today.