Do you suspect a leak within your sewer line? Do you experience several clogs or backups within your home’s drains? One of the best ways to discover the cause of these problems – and more – is a sewer camera inspection. Curt & Jerry Sewer Service performs noninvasive sewer inspections for homeowners throughout the Carmel area. Don’t wait any longer to discover the true nature of your pipes. Experience these advantages with a sewer line inspection from our team of experts.

Sewer Camera Inspections: 3 Advantages for Homeowners

1. Find Any Leaks

Are you encountering signs of a water leak within your home’s plumbing system? When you can’t quite tell where the leak is coming from, a sewer camera inspection can help. Not only can it detect the exact location of the leak, but it can also give you a clear idea of any other damage within your sewer line.

2. Avoid Digging Up Your Yard

Would you rather dig a hole in your yard causing a huge mess or apply a much less intrusive method such as a sewer line inspection? While this won’t completely prevent the excavation of your yard in the event of a much more complex plumbing issue, it’s always better to take the less destructive route first. 

3. Discover the True Condition of the Pipes

There’s no possible way to find out what the inner workings of your pipes are like unless you have a sewer camera inspection. Having this procedure done can be very helpful, especially before you purchase a home. As future owners of the home in question, it’s always good to discover the true condition of the sewer pipes. This will help you know before you sign on the dotted line if there are some repairs that need to be completed or if the sewer system is in fair condition.

More Than Sewer Inspections

Take advantage of all Curt & Jerry has to offer, from drain and sink cleaning and grease trap cleaning to garbage disposal unclogging. To learn more about our services, contact us at (317) 266-0000, or request service online.

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