Are you planning on selling your Carmel area home? If so, you may want to consider having a sewer inspection performed by Curt & Jerry Sewer Service. Not only will this service allow you to sell your home faster, but it will also enable you to offer complete transparency to the new homeowners. Keep reading to learn how a sewer camera inspection can make the home-selling process easier for you and your family.

3 Reasons to Have a Sewer Camera Inspection When Selling Your Home

1. Uncover Potential Problems

When you have a sewer line inspection performed, you can uncover any potential problems that may obstruct a potential sale. The last thing you want is to have someone interested in your home and the buying process be blocked due to a clogged sewer line. A sewer inspection will allow you to have any sewer line problems fixed before you even place your home on the market.

2. Make Your Home Easier to Sell

If you have a sewer camera inspection conducted and the report shows no problems whatsoever, you will have a home that is much to easier to sell. New homeowners can be confident in their home-buying purchase, knowing they won’t have to deal with any surprise sewer problems in the near future.

3. Offer Transparency

As the home seller, once you have a sewer inspection done on your Carmel area home, you can then choose how you want to proceed. If there are problems, you can either have them fixed by a professional sewer service or lower the price on your home. Either way, you are selling your home with full transparency. The new homeowners will have full knowledge of the condition of the sewer line before they even sign on the dotted line. 

Schedule a Sewer Inspection Today

To schedule a sewer camera inspection, call our friendly office to request service at (317) 266-0000. If you need any other sewer services, we also provide sewer cleaning, drain and sink cleaning, septic tank pumping, high-pressure water jetting, garbage disposal unclogging, and more.