While the team at Curt & Jerry Sewer Service recommends you have your septic tank pumped every one to three years, several factors determine if this should be completed sooner. The age of the system and the type of solids being flushed down the system are two factors that can affect the frequency of septic tank pumping. Whenever you do have your tank pumped, there are three actions you can take that will help the process go even more smoothly.

3 Ways to Prepare for Septic Tank Pumping

1. Keep a Record of Septic Tank Maintenance

We recommend you keep track of all septic tank maintenance, service, and repairs that have been conducted since you’ve lived in the home. When our specialists come to your home to perform any septic tank maintenance, including pumping, it can be helpful to have a complete history – especially if we run into any snags or have any questions.

2. Locate System Components

Do you know where your septic tank system and components are located? Older septic systems are typically buried underground. Our technicians are well-versed in locating septic tanks, even in older homes; but if you have an idea of where to start looking, that can be immensely helpful. We also recommend you have a map of the layout of the septic system, including all elements, i.e., the tank, pipes, and drain field. This is more for your benefit than for ours. You do not want to place any heavy equipment or conduct any extensive landscaping near the septic tank or any of its components.

3. Clear Away All Debris

We do appreciate it when thoughtful homeowners take the time to clear away any debris, like tree branches, or equipment, like lawn furniture, from the septic tank area. This not only keeps your belongings safe during the pumping process, but also prevents any debris from falling into the tank, which can cause further damage to your system down the road.

Choose Curt & Jerry for Septic Tank Pumping

For effective septic tank pumping, contact Curt & Jerry at (317) 266-0000 or request service online. We also offer other drain services such as sewer cleaning, drain and sink cleaning, car wash basin pumping, lift station pumping, grease trap cleaning, and high-pressure water jetting in Greenwood, IN, and all nearby communities.

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