Septic systems can make some pretty strange noises. Slowly trickling water within the pipes or regular gurgling sounds are two of the most common sounds you may hear. A properly working septic system should be silent. When you hear either of these noises, this is a strong indication that something is wrong. At Curt & Jerry Sewer Service, we’d like to explain some possible causes of gurgling noises within your septic system, and what to watch for when you hear these noises.

What Does a Gurgling Septic System Mean?

Blocked Drain

Gurgling sounds coming from your septic system could indicate a blocked plumbing drain. When the drain is blocked, fluids trickle slowly through the pipe. This slow leak through the drain pipe can make gurgling noises that you may hear as you’re taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or washing the dishes. 

Clogged Sewer Pipes

Another problem that may cause gurgling sounds is a clog somewhere within the pipes that lead from your home’s plumbing to the septic system. The clog could be in the house sewer vent or in the pipes that connect the septic tank to the drain field. On a typical day, you may not notice many gurgling noises. However, when you’re using an excess amount of water, such as washing several loads of laundry, you will most likely hear some of those annoying gurgling sounds.

Drain Vent Problems

A drain vent allows sewer gas to escape from the pipes of your septic system. If this component is malfunctioning or in need of repair, it can cause gurgling noises. Specifically, if you notice these sounds while you’re in the shower or after flushing the toilet, this is a strong sign that the problem may be coming from the drain vent.

Full Septic Tank

Lastly, gurgling noises could be occurring due to a full septic tank. When a septic tank is overflowing, the sewer lines become blocked and water can’t flow properly. This results in a tank that won’t drain correctly, causing more blockage in the sewer lines and obstructing the flow of water through the system even further.

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