As a homeowner, it can be difficult to know if there’s a problem with your home’s septic system. Usually, an issue is discovered when it’s already too late. The toilets no longer flush, the showerhead is running low, and there’s a lingering smell around your home. A sewer camera inspection from Curt & Jerry Sewer Service can diagnose the exact issue that’s interrupting your daily routine. The question remains: When should a home have a sewer camera inspection? Consider the three occasions below when trying to decide if a septic line inspection is necessary for your Greenwood home.

When Do I Need a Sewer Camera Inspection For My Home?

1. Buying a Home for the First Time

Many home buyers assume that a home inspection includes an inspection of the home’s sewer. Although the inspector may test the faucets and toilet, they do not perform any type of inspection within the sewer or septic system. A sewer camera inspection can discover hidden issues within the septic line itself, giving you a heads-up on any potential problems in the future.

2. Buying an Older Home

Homes constructed in the 1950s or earlier may have sewer lines that were built using inferior products. Pipes made from materials like tar paper can disintegrate and collapse over time. There’s no way to know if you have a sub-par sewer line unless a sewer inspection is performed. 

3. Obvious Issues with the Septic System

If you’re experiencing issues with your septic system, a sewer camera inspection can be a valuable tool in diagnosing the specific problem. Continuous symptoms such as clogged toilets, slow-draining bathtubs, and gurgling noises from the sinks or toilets, are sure signs that there’s an issue. In order to properly correct the problem, it’s helpful to know exactly what’s causing the issue in the first place. A sewer line inspection can tell you if there’s a root obstructing the underground pipes, a blockage that has built up over time, or a problem with the pipe connections. 

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