A simple sewer cleaning can unfortunately sometimes end up being a larger issue than originally anticipated. Sewer line problems can be costly and damaging, and not something that you want to face as a homeowner. Curt & Jerry Sewer Service offers sewer camera inspections that will provide you with critical information, uncovering the root of whatever you may be dealing with. We’ll go over some sewer line issues that we have been able to identify through our camera inspections, which demonstrate the value and necessity of this fact-finding service.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Blockages in Your Sewer Line

One of the more common issues that we see in sewer lines is blockages. They can be caused by a variety of circumstances, such as a buildup of grease or oil, foreign objects or debris, collapsed pipes, or even tree roots. 

Tree Root Intrusion in Your Sewer Line

It’s not uncommon to see a tree root break through your sewer line since they are drawn to the moisture and nutrients. Our visibility into your sewer line with our camera system can determine the extent of the intrusion, as well as the resulting cracks and damage.

Cracks in the Sewer Pipe

Your sewer pipe could have cracks or breaks from several possible causes, including corrosion, ground movement, the age of your system, and more. Our inspection can determine where the vulnerabilities exist so we can provide you with some possible solutions.

Corrosion of the Sewer Line

Unfortunately, sewer pipes can corrode and deteriorate just like most other materials. They will be especially vulnerable if they are made from older materials, like cast iron or clay. We can identify the type of material that was used in your sewer line and the degree of corrosion it has experienced.

Insufficient Slope of the Sewer Line

The sewer line needs to be constructed at a proper slope to ensure it is draining efficiently. When we inspect the pipes, we will be able to see whether your sewer line’s slope is the cause of your issues and decide what correction is needed.

Our Process for Camera Inspections 

The process we follow is simple and has proven to be effective. When we arrive for your inspection, we will first drain the sewer line. Then, we will run our camera through the system, which will allow us to detect any issues within the line.

Request Service for Your Sewer Line

You can trust the experts at Curt & Jerry Sewer Service to find and resolve your sewer issues. We charge a flat rate for our services, whether it takes us one hour or five hours. Contact us today at (317) 266-0000 or request service online if you need us to look at your sewer line. We serve residents in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Carmel, Fishers, and the surrounding areas.