If you’re dealing with persistently clogged toilet drains, you’re definitely not alone. Many homeowners in Greenwood struggle with this common household frustration. A blocked toilet can be an easy fix using only a plunger or it can result in a flustered phone call to Curt & Jerry Sewer Service. You can keep your toilet drains clean by following the tips below.

How to Keep Your Toilet Drains Clean

Clear All Vents

Clogged drain vents are often the culprit when toilet lines aren’t working well. Airflow is reduced not just through the toilet line but also throughout all drains in your home. As airflow comes to a halt, debris will settle in the lines, causing blockages. To avoid this, make sure all the vents on the roof are open and clear of branches, leaves, and other debris.

Watch for Tree Roots

Tree roots are notorious for infiltrating sewer lines and causing a whole host of problems in the process. You can help tree roots from settling in by flushing a root control agent down the toilet drain. This kills small roots, preventing them from growing into much larger problems.

Only Flush Toilet Paper

Most homeowners and residents realize that toilet paper is the only item that can be flushed down the toilet, but sometimes other things get flushed by accident. Perhaps you mistakenly flush feminine products in the toilet or paper towels get tossed in the bowl rather than the trash can. Accidents do happen but do your best to keep everything except toilet paper out of your toilet.

Flush All Toilets at Once

This may seem a bit too easy but flushing all toilets in the house at the same time can often clear out the drains. Pushing water through the sewer lines simultaneously may provide enough power to unclog even the most stubborn obstruction. Plan to do this at a time when family members are home and you can recruit them to help with this easy but important task.

Call Curt & Jerry Today

When your Greenwood home has a blocked toilet you can’t seem to unclog, call Curt & Jerry at (317) 266-0000, or request service online. We provide several drain and sewer line services including septic tank pumping, high-pressure water jetting, sewer camera inspections, and 24/7 emergency services.

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